MusiciansMCsAddressing the Haggis

(photos by Fiona Grant)

The bienniel dance weekend and St Andrew's Night ball on the 2nd-3rd December was a great success. Graham Donald taught the classes with verve and humour, and the music of Ian Robertson and Adam Brady was a delight to dance to.

Here's a link to the photos that Natalia took at the ball. (note that these will only be available until the end of January)

Martina also took some photos and also some videos during the weekend.

Graham taught the following dances at the weekend:

Dance Source
J A Wee Nothin' Brunken: Moments in Time
S Mr Graham W Donald Francis Walduck
J Just as I was in the Morning Book 19
R The Two Gray Cats Walduck: The Other Kangaroo Paw
J The Judge's Jig Goldring: Auld Friends Meet
S May Yarker's Strathspey Book 42
R The Borrower Houston-Donald
J The Galloping Carousel Book 53
R The Moray Firth Hornpipe Zadworney: Aye Afloat
S The Water of Leith Book 53
J The Bruce that was Goldring: Auld Friends Meet