Geroldswil, 28th - 29th November 2015

Weekend Course of Scottish Country Dancing and St Andrew's Night Ball

At the Hotel Geroldswil.

Pat Houghton Teacher:
Patricia Houghton
Ian Robertson Musicians:
Ian Robertson and Muriel Johnstone
Muriel Johnstone

Martina has made her photos available. You can see them here.

And here are the dances that Pat taught during the weekend:

The Treasurer J 8x32 A N Shearer, Bannockburn 700
Jacqui's Fankle R 3x32 John Wilkinson
The Merchant City S 3x32 Anne Thorn, The Magic of Music 2
The Morrison Measure R 5x32 Roy Goldring, Reel for Alice
The Crannog Gathering R 6x32 Anne Smyth
The Elusive Muse J 3x32 Tim Wilson, Measures of Pleasure
Edina's Pride S 8x32 A. Gray, Five Anniv. Dances (Edin)
The Pink Panda R 8x32 J. Drewry, Cherry Blossom Book
The Glengarry Swing Two-step
More than Nothin' J 8x32 Elaine Brunken, Moments in Time
It's About Time S 8x32 Elaine Brunken, Moments in Time
Prince of Sutton Coldfield R 8x32 Rod Downey, Tuatara Collection
Hillbrook House S 8x32 Anne Thorn, The Magic of Music 2
The Moray Firth Hornpipe H 8x32 Margaret Zadworny, Aye Afloat